Become a SiteCloud Partner

Get your private-label reseller solution up and running in two business days.

Create your own packages, set your own pricing, bundle with value-added services.

Bill your customers directly or use our integrated billing system.

Generate residual revenue and offer better service than your competitors.

The program is best-suited for web designers, agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs.

What's Included?

  • Fully customizable branded reseller portal under your own domain.
  • The portal features account Signup form, design gallery and a login box.
  • Ability to create sites using all SiteCloud features,  designs and applications, hosted on our scalable and redundant grid infrastructure.
  • Customer, package and domain management tools.
  • Recurring billing system. Automatically bill your customers with option for manual billing.
  • White-label support portal with high-quality video tutorials and FAQ pages.
  • White-label email and chat support for you and your clients  M-F 6AM - 6PM PST (US) and 7am-5pm GMT (Europe)*
  • Free 30 day trial accounts. The trial can be extended to up to 6 months at no cost to you.
  • Unlimited number of sub-resellers. Each sub-reseller with their own private-label portal.
  • 10% discount on our design and development services.
  • Full set of APIs for remote account management (provision, suspend, change plan, etc.).


Why Choose Us?

  • Complete creative freedom to customize the built-in designs or create completely new designs using SiteCloud Pro. (additional fee may apply).
  • Our innovative technology helps you deliver better service to your customers at lower cost and faster turn-around times.
  • You will have more time for for your business, while we take care of the hosting, billing and customer support.
  • Your clients will enjoy a very fast site loading time and better search engine ranking due to our global grid infrastructure.
  • SEO-friendly right out of the box.
  • As a hosted (SaaS) solution, we take care of installing and upgrading the software stack, replacing broken hardware and managing the network and system security.
  • Our in-house support team of experts is available M-F 6AM - 6PM PST (US) and 7am-5pm GMT (Europe). You deal only with professionals who understand the product, provide real solutions and give unscripted answers.
  • Delegate content management to your customers while keeping the design intact.
  • Our integrated control panel gives you full control over your customer accounts.
  • Our private-label solution is more than 70% discounted off our retail price, which gives you the opportunity to make money month after month and to be in full control of your own profit.
  • Our zero-coding environment saves you time and eliminates the cost of retaining a developer / webmaster. You can make any changes with a few clicks in the browser.
  • We are constantly improving SiteCloud - many new features and new designs are added every quarter. Your price always stays the same.

  1. Fill out the application form and we will deliver your private-label solution in two business days.
  2. Define your packages and prices, and set up your recurring billing system or use our billing set-up service*.
  3. Design your portal and edit its content or use our custom reseller set-up service*.
  4. You are ready to start selling your new web design and hosting service. Build sites for clients or let them create the web sites by themselves (DIY).


(*) Additional fees may apply. Please check our pricing page.

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