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Sunburns, Bug-bites and Barbeques

Aug 6, 2021

If you’re reading this; this is your friendly reminder to wear sunscreen! The summer heat is greatly appreciated, but those pesky burns are not fun. Such a gorgeous Wednesday makes doing outdoor odd-jobs a lot more appealing. Which is how I, the blogger, spent a very large chunk of my work day trying to read pictograms and assemble everyone's favourite outdoor cooking appliance. Let’s be clear in the fact that I am not very wise in the ways of the barbeque, but focus yields success… and a whole lot of bugbites. All in all, gorgeous days are best spent on the beach, but a close second is assembling barbeques.

One-Two-Three UP!

Jul 31, 2021

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? I can’t say, but it takes 6 ladies to move an open front event tent a few meters to the left. It definitely helps to remove all of the tent pegs beforehand, too. Teamwork makes the dream work, and we were working for it! The warm sun was welcome, but that doesn’t mean tents need to disappear! A little shade can be more than welcome, especially on a gorgeous day such as this one. I’m sure our favourite musician, Roland Beaulieu, appreciated the reprieve from the rays tormenting his equipment. Moral of this story? Tents beware, the ladies will install you properly and efficiently.

Sun Can't Shine Everyday

Jul 21, 2021

The weather was less than summer-like all day! Thankfully, Roland Beaulieu brightened up our day by playing the guests and staff a few tunes. Everyone kept dry underneath the tents set up in the yard, and spirits were high despite the rain falling down. It was very nice to have so many people singing, dancing, clapping and overall having a right-good time! Regardless to say, it was a fitting day to play “We’re Here for a Good Time” by Trooper. It’s always a good time when Roland comes to perform, and today was no exception. We are so thankful we get to hear such a talented performer, and the guests seem to like him too!

The Good, the Bad, and the Furry

Jul 19, 2021

We had a big weekend! Lots of lovely visitors checked in with us on Saturday, it was so nice to hear them all having such a good time. There were a few familiar faces joining us, and lots of little furry ones too! The ladies here at Lord’s absolutely loved watching our four-legged guests run around and explore the grounds. And, speaking of guests, we had an unexpected one too. A little woodpecker got a bit too close and personal with a screen door, but they recovered from the shock within the hour! Lots of attention was given to the little one, and he was even featured on our company’s Instagram! It was a beautiful way to end the week, and it was great to see everyone in such high spirits.