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Loch Lomond Villa's Senior's Outreach Program

The Seniors Outreach Program is a day program that is designed to meet the wide variety of needs of the older adult living in the community.  The goal of this program is to ease caregiver burden, allowing them to have some normalcy in life, while providing our clients with a meaningful, social activity.  If this intervention is utilized in a timely fashion, it has the potential to delay or prevent hospital admissions due to caregiver stress and burnout.  Delaying the hospital admission is integral to the survival of our healthcare system.  Our hope is that we can keep our community members at home as long as possible.

We offer a comp0limentary 1 (one) day trial that valid once an assessment is completed by the RN and the individual is considered a good candidate for the program.  The client will be taken down to the program, with their accompanying family member, whom is encouraged to stay for the duration.  A complimentary meal is provided.


Activities & Services Offered:

Physical and mental stimulation are essential components of the Seniors Outreach Program offering such activities as: Cards, bingo, painting, bowling, crafts, music, cooking, special events and outings as well as existing activities offered throughout the facility that are fun and a chance to socialize with other clients for the day; Physical activities include bowling, exercises, walking and special planned activities.


Individualized services designed to meet the needs of the client; Nutritious snacks and a lunch; Emotional support to families and relief from the care-giving role; Referrals to other community resources if needed; Health teaching, promotion & wellness clinics.


Cost / Eligibility:

The cost of the program is $37.50 per day, includes lunch & snacks. The client may qualify under the Single Entry Point System (SEP) through the Department of Social Development for subsidies. If client becomes no longer eligible due to increased care needs, the Co-Ordinator will contact the Family/Care Giver.


If the client is a veteran, he or she may qualify under Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) please call 1-866-522-2122


Transportation to and from the Program is the responsibility of the clients and their families.  Local transportation services are available.  Some assistance in arranging transportation may be available through the Department of Social Development. The Seniors Outreach Program is a non-profit organization, funded by the Department of Social Development. The Seniors Outreach Team includes the Co-Ordinator, Activity Workers and Volunteers.

You may qualify for financial assistance by contacting:

Department of Social Development



Relatives, friends, or caregivers can make referrals; Health care agencies such as social Development,  Hospitals, Geriatric Assessment Unit, VON, EMH, Mental Health, physician etc; Seniors interested in this type of program may refer themselves.


Please call for an assessment to determine social, family, emotional and environmental status.

Hours of operation, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

9:00 am till 3:00 pm.

 For more information, inquiries or tours of the Seniors Outreach Program please contact:

Christa Matheson, RN

Seniors Outreach Co-Ordinator

Tel: (506) 643-7174

Fax: (506) 643-7198