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Loch Lomond Villa was officially named a "Planetree Designated Resident -Centered Community." in August of 2016.  This prestigious recognition sets Loch Lomond Villa apart as a forward-thinking institution whose organizational culture (as reflected by our practices, policies and physical environment) demonstrates a commitment to providing health care the way residents want it delivered.  In fact, Loch Lomond Villa is one of only 80 healthcare organizations worldwide, and the first in New Brunswick, to have received the Resident-Centered Designation since the program's launch in 2007.

This designation further establishes Loch Lomond Villa as an indispensable asset to those in our community, and distinguishes the organization as among those across the world doing the most advanced work in resident-centered care.  As the only designation program that recognizes organizations for their efforts to foster a truly resident-centered health care experience, it, in essence, formalizes Loch Lomond Villa's reputation as an organization where providers partner with residents and families, and where resident comfort, dignity and well-being are prioritized with providing top quality clinical care. 

The specific criteria that Loch Lomond Villa had to meet are based on a series of focus groups conducted by Planetree over the past several years with hundreds of patients, residents, family members and healthcare staff in regions around the world.  This focus group input spotlighted key policies and practices that one would expect to find in a person-centered health care environment.  In addition, Planetree reviewed Loch Lomond Villa's outcomes measures and performance indicators related to overall quality and resident satisfaction.  All designation determinations are made on a blinded basis by an independent committee of international health care experts and CEOs from previously designated organizations around the world.

This formal designation as a Resident-Centered Community acknowledges that the leadership and staff of this special facility have exemplified these qualities, and successfully introduced and sustained an institution-wide commitment to resident-centered care that benefits our entire community.