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Nursing Care at Loch Lomond Villa

Philosophy Of Care:

We believe in providing a Home which belongs to the people we serve and that our "Home" is all about "Living".  We achieve this through a formal resident-centered care Philosophy that we live every day by providing individual and personalized care for all of our residents.  This philosophy promotes shared decision making, resident choices and flexibility in the day to day living in our home.

We assist residents to achieve and maintain an optimal level of functioning through the promotion of self-care.  Integral to this is our goal to provide a system that supports our residents' rights to self-determination and independence, and by using all available resources to provide optimal lifestyles and appropriate levels of care.

We strive to ensure that resident perceptions are incorporated in the planning and implementation of resident-centered programming elements, and they are meaningfully engaged in these efforts.

We acknowledge, respect and emphasize that families are an active part of our team and we encourage their involvement through our Care Partner Program.


Our Approach:

We follow a person-centered, primary care model with consistent staff assigned to the resident each day.  This approach decreases anxiety and confusion for our residents, helps build relationships, increases security and trust, and provides them with care staff to ensure consistent, effective and efficient resident-centered care based on the resident's needs and preferences.

A comprehensive assessment of the needs, abilities and wishes of each resident begins even before the resident is admitted.  Information is obtained from the resident/family as well as other service providers.  In collaboration with the resident and family, a personalized care plan is then developed, reviewed and updated when necessary.  Residents participate in the decisions regarding their care and their decisions are respected.  When mutually agreed upon and clinically appropriate, we encourage families to participate in the emotional, spiritual and physical care and support of the resident.


Who We Serve:

Loch Lomond Villa offers various levels of nursing care to those requiring assistance.  Our professional employees provide care, rehabilitation and special programs, with a commitment to guiding our resident toward social, spiritual, psychological and physical well being.


Through this commitment, we have also created special environments for helping residents with Dementia and those who are mentally frail.  The Houses and the care delivered through them, are tailored to meet the unique needs of these individuals.  Both private and semi-private rooms are provided.  Furnished with special mementos and personal belongings, our resident's surroundings become home.


Community partners are very important to Loch Lomond Villa, as we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement in the delivery of holistic care. We will continue to strengthen linkages with the community and offer appropriate access to services based on the community needs and available resources.


Performance Excellence:

Loch Lomond Villa has adopted a Performance Excellence Process that is a results-oriented, long-term approach to continuous improvement in person-centered care.  The pillars of this process include clinical excellence, exceptional experiences, organizational vitality and community catalyst.

The adoption of this process optimizes structure and work environment, enhances communication, empowers staff and produces more cohesive teams.  Education and training are encouraged , cooperation, teamwork and partnering is recognized, and everyone contributes to the continuous improvement of service.


Loch Lomond Villa is a nationally accredited organization, receiving "Exemplary Standing" in 2015 as well as being a Planetree Designated Resident-Centered Community which has served its residents and community for over 40 years.


Our complex consists of two main buildings, the Villa and the Village. 

The Villa is the main facility which is home to 90 residents on three Houses (Birch, Elm and Evergreen Houses). The Villa also consists of the central lounge, family room, activity areas, kitchens, dining rooms, reception area, offices, Cafe, movie theatre, solarium, open air courtyards as well as a Hair Salon.  The Villa nursing home was completely rebuilt and opened in 2014.

The Village which is located directly across the street from the Villa is home to 100 residents on four Houses (Cedar, Dogwood, Maple and Willow Houses).  Cedar House is the secure Dementia House and Dogwood House is our "Young at Heart" House.  The Village opened in 2012 and consists of two beautiful glass covered atriums, an open area courtyard, community kitchen/activity areas, a movie theatre, two celebration lounges for larger events, a library, a labryth and a fishpond.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the complex, please feel free to contact our Nursing Administration Office at:

Tel:  (506) 643-7151

Fax: (506) 643-7159


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