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Lamplighter Program

Lighting the Way

Long before we had electricity, city streets were illuminated by gas lamps, lit every evening by lamplighters. Lighting the way through the darkness, the lamplighters symbolized safety and reliability. Lamplighters still play a vital role in the community. Through their regular contact with seniors, staff and volunteers watch out for those who may be at risk -- who may have had a change in routine or behavior; or who may not have been seen or heard from in days.


Lamplighters help seniors in the East Saint John area get in touch with community programs, services and care they need.    Reference: Edmonton Capital Health Lamplighter pamphlet


Remember you CAN make a difference in our community!



  • To provide seniors living in our community with the opportunity to feel safe and supported.
  • To educate east-side residents and businesses/organizations about the Lamplighter program and becoming an age-friendly community.
  • To provide abuse-awareness education and expand knowledge of resources available in the community.
  • To enable our community to support all seniors who are living in the community.
  • To encourage seniors living in our community to utilize their skills, knowledge and experience in support of other seniors.


The Lamplighter program will enable everyday citizens working in various forms of employment to support our local seniors. Education sessions will be provided regarding the types of abuse that affect the aging population, signs to look for, how to help and what to do if any signs are noticed. There will be a phone number provided for people to call with any concerns regarding these signs. Once the call has been made, the appropriate resource will be contacted in order to support the senior who needs it.


For more information on the Lamplighter Program, please feel free to contact:

Director of Operations

Tel:  (506) 643-7881

Fax: (506) 643-7198

or email: